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Oskaloosa Art Center Gallery

In the gallery now:

March-April 2023

Kristin Roach

Junk Mail Migration

What is the Junk Mail Migration project? The project was initially inspired by the question, "Where does junk mail come from?" which led to identifying the impact of deforestation on Iowa’s backyard, migratory bird populations. The series consists of paintings and an interactive tapestry featuring data from 12 migratory birds.

From March 7 - April 26th, 2023, the traveling exhibit of the Interactive Migration Tapestry and Junk Mail Bird Paintings will be on view in the main floor of the Oskaloosa Art Center. Near the end of April, there will be a closing presentation about the process of creating the series and a hands-on weaving workshop.

The Junk Mail Migration Tapestry is a large-scale interactive hand-woven wall hanging that integrates art, craft, and technology. Visitors control the bird sighting data being displayed. Over 12 feet long and 4 feet wide, the tapestry is made using walnut dyed wool and LEDs.  Over 100 years of bird sighting data illuminate the tapestry from within.

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