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MCRF/FACE of Mahaska 2023

Public Mural RFQ ‘Rec Trail Mural’

Mahaska County Recreation Foundation (MCRF) and Fine Arts and Cultural Events of Mahaska County (FACE) are pleased to announce a request for qualifications for artists to design and execute a public mural in a culvert tunnel on the Mahaska County Rec Trail. This call is open to those with professional experience in public art or painting.

All interested applicants must respond to this request for qualifications with an artist resume and photographic examples of prior work. Email application materials to with the subject “Rec Trail Mural”.

Three finalists will be selected to compete. The theme of the mural will be nature and recreation. Vivid colors and contemporary are welcome. A detailed project description will be presented to the three artists selected to complete final proposals. A $100.00 honorarium will be awarded to the finalists.


The mural wall will be primed prior to the commencement of work. All other costs will be borne by the artist. The total proposed budget should consider costs for materials, supplies, travel, and the painting and sealing of the mural, all the responsibility of the artist.

The selected muralist will receive $8,500.00 in total compensation for the project, 50% of which will be paid prior to work commencing with the signing of a letter of agreement, and the remaining 50% being paid upon the mural’s satisfactory completion.

Entries must be original designs suitable for viewing by all ages, and artists must demonstrate their ability to hand paint their designs through the images they submit during the RFQ selection process.


The mural will be approximately 7 ft high by 30 ft wide on the interior wall of the concrete covert on the Recreation Trail at approximately 2015 North 3rd Street. The culvert is square and measures approximately 10 ft tall and 56 ft wide.

A photograph of the wall is attached to this document.


RFQ – Due Date July 28th.
All applications must be electronically submitted by 5:00 pm on Friday, July 28th, 2023. Please include an Artist’s Resume and photos of previous work. PowerPoints saved in PDF format are preferred.

The target completion date is Friday, September 29th, 2023. Application of appropriate graffiti guard or varnish is required. Final installment of payment will be on completion of the mural.

Selection Process

RFQ applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of FACE of Mahaska County and MCRF members. This committee consists of professional artists and business leaders. Three finalists will be selected to create original designs for the mural. An honorarium of 100.00 will be given to these artists for mocking up their designs.

Proposals must be submitted by 5:00 PM on Friday, July 28.

Proposals will be reviewed by members of MCRF and FACE. Criteria used to select the artist/design include artistic merit, creativity, demonstrated ability, and technical knowledge required to execute the painting and the artist’s interpretation of the theme.

The selected artist will work with the mural committee on a timeline of the work, publicity, and finishing details.

Project Timeline

  • RFQ Application- July 28th

  • Three Finalists Selected- July 31st

  • Final Proposals Due- August 11th

  • Mural completed- September 29th

Additional Information

For questions or to request additional information, email For more information about FACE of Mahaska, visit the FACE website.

Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 3.40.56 PM.png
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