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Building Community Connections

Hello from the Oskaloosa Art Center! I am very excited to share that the

FACE board recently approved a motion to include a student from William Penn University to hold a permanent seat on the board to act as a liaison to students and to provide a student perspective to our goals.

Our first student board member is Caylah Morrow. She is a senior at WPU, Communications Major with a Fine Arts emphasis. She will be graduating in December, and after that... she may or may not be leaving Oskaloosa to pursue furthering her education and artistic goals. Before she leaves, she holds the responsibility of nominating the next WPU student chair to the board.

Caylah has agreed to teach our HS Art After School, every Wednesday, 3:30-5pm. She has built a curriculum to help students think and be creative. Encourage you high schooler to get involved and join Art After School! It is free to attend.

Caylah has also come up with the brilliant idea to start an Art Club for William Penn students- art student or not- good at art or not. Tonight is their first meeting and I get to be a fly on the wall. They are having a philosophical discussion about the purpose of art, the shape of art, the idea of art, and the place for art. Their brains are stretching... and it's great! We have 5 attendees tonight and I hope this program grows and grows! The benefit of having conversations like this and a safe space to create for young adults is huge. I am proud that the Oskaloosa Art Center is playing a part in providing that opportunity here in our community.

The WPU Art Club will meet monthly and is also free to attend.

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