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This week at your Oskaloosa Art Center:

We have another wonderful week of classes planned! Please join us! Your participation further supports the arts throughout our community, and that is our big goal!

Monday, October 9: CLOSED

Tuesday, October 10: OPEN! 5-8pm

Knitting Night, 6-8pm

Do you knit or crochet or make pretty things with yarn? You are invited to join us at the Art Center every Tuesday evening from 6-8 for Knitting Group. We knit. We chat. We laugh! Free.

Wednesday, October 11: OPEN! 9am-6pm

Preschool Art Time, 9-10am (Preregistration required)

Elementary Homeschool Art Class, 11-12:30pm (Preregistration required)

Secondary Homeschool Art Class, 12:45-2:15pm (Preregistration required)

High School Art After School, 3:30-5pm NO Preregistration Necessary

Are you currently a high school student? Do you love art? If you answered “yes”, you are in luck! Join instructor Caylah Morrow for a variety of creative learning experiences. Free.

Thursday, October 12: OPEN! 5-8pm

Stencil Power! 6-8pm

Instructor: Brant Bollman

October 12, Thursday, 6-8pm


ages 12-17

Back in the 1990's, hand-made stenciled t- shirts were all the rage. They went hand-in- hand with garage bands, alternative music, and grunge. This process is back in again. Students will learn how to make their own stencils to print on a t-shirt, or to customize just about anything. All you have to do is learn about islands, bridges, and peninsulas- and have a steady hand with an Exacto knife! You can be a stencil master!

Friday, October 13: OPEN! 10am-2pm

Saturday, October 14: CLOSED

Sunday, October 15: CLOSED



October 18: Card-Making Workshop, 6-8pm. $10, Register here.

October 19: Watercolor Workshop, 6-8pm. $30, Register here.

October 21: Halloween Metal Tooling Class! PART 1, 1-4pm. No registration necessary. $20 at the door.

October 22: Halloween Metal Tooling Class! PART 2, 1-4pm. No registration necessary. $20 at the door.

October 26: Open Wall/ Open Stage Night! 6-9pm

October 28: Visible/Invisible Closing Reception & COSTUME PARTY! 6-8pm

See you at the Art Center!

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